Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Week 6 Liphook

Thoughts on The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
What is her Relation on ‘her Girls’?

·       They are alternative lives for her now she is past her prime?
·      They are a ‘sounding box’ by which she avoids self-knowledge?
·      She gives them the best sort of education:  questioning, even  she herself?
·      They express her need to protest, be different, challenge values?
·       The exemplify for her some loss, bitterness, sense of failure?  What?
·       Could we say each represents a part of her own mind:  lover, betrayer, victim. . . ?
·       Does she ‘abuse her power’ or not?
·       Suppose the Head were not such a narrow person?

Sandy looked back at her companions and understood them as a body with Miss Brodie for the head. She perceived herself, the absent Jenny, the ever-blamed Mary, Rose, Eunice, and Monica, all in a frightening little moment, in unified compliance to the destiny of Miss Brodie, as if God had willed them to birth for that purpose

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