Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Some discussion points

1       What evidence does John Michael have that going to America is a good idea?

2       In what ways do John Michael and Fina seem callous?

3       What picture is painted of America,  things foregrounded, things not mentioned?

4       Bat Quinn’s role in the story is sinister?

5        Family ties,  economics, ceremony -  but no love?

6       Why doesn’t John Michael want to take on his uncle’s farm or work for his
          future wife’s father?   What does that tell us about him?

7        What picture of Ireland is painted in the background?

8       Fina is empty headed?   John Michael is well rid of her?

9       Does the story allow that in later life John Michael and Fina might marry?

10      In what ways does Big Bucks remind you of other story/stories by William Trevor?

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