Wednesday, 23 October 2013

on Death of a Professor

What is the story about?
Who got the obituaries into the papers?
The disappointment of Kellfittard?
The loyalty of Vanessa?
The hurt, shock and enlightenment of Ormston?

Why does Ormston go to the pub?
To hide?
To get over the shock?
To think through possible motives for the hoax?
To think through his 'life'?

Why the university setting?
Have a go at academics?
Ask what counts as 'education', 'wisdom'?
Suitable context for rags and pranks?
A way of bringing together competitive men at a function?

Why the age difference?
Air the question of love and it's basis?
Show people who don't quite fit in?
Contrast love and intellect?
Raise the question of jealousy?

Trevor once said that there are just two kinds of people, those who have imagination and those who do not?

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